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New Underwear and Sock Program

Saint Therese Center Underwear Project

We are working to keep our clients and staff safe during the pandemic. A number of programs are temporarily suspended, but we are still operating the food pantry Monday through Friday using a drive-thru method. Those who would like to receive boxes of food line up in their cars on Palo Verde Dr. and are ushered through by our staff, with distribution from 8am until we run out of food. Be sure to wear a mask and to bring a photo ID with you.

Please note that all underwear is new and usually white cotton. We may purchase in quantity so the underwear will be loose - that is, not packaged.

This is given to us as donations. We will distribute items as we have them available. Please come into the Center and fill out a request form to be included in this program. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Please note: Underwear will be available as donations to this program are given to Saint Therese Center. For example over $400.00 was donated to the underwear program in December, thus in January over 34 clients benefited by receiving underwear and socks. As the funds become available and we purchase the underwear you will be notified. Thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation.

History of the Underwear and Socks Program

The Project: New Underwear and Socks Program

In the fall of 2000, Entertainer Jon Merritt (Liza Minelli) in La Cage at the Riviera Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas) approached us on raising awareness and a specific need for our HIV clients. Knowing how much underwear and socks are needed, we decided to create a program for clients to receive "New Underwear and Socks." Jon has been a great helper during the holidays in raising awareness and having donations made to the Center for the program. That same year, radio station Light 100.5 donated funds for underwear and socks, as well as actual new underwear they had used to decorate an "Office" Christmas tree!

New underwear and socks are a necessity and while most of our clients, as well as all of us, can get clothes at a second hand store, it is rare that anyone gets underwear or socks from a second hand store. Two things come to mind; first, no one donates their used underwear (unless it is a fund raiser - but let's not go there) and second, who would wear someone else's underwear? (OK, kinky, but let us not go there either). So in order to provide care and dignity to those who are dealing with many aspects of their lives as they live with HIV and all its ramifications, the program of new underwear and socks is a vital one at the Saint Therese Center.

Underwear and socks, for many of our clients, is an absolute necessity and at the same time, it is also a luxury that many do without. Living on a fixed income that goes mostly to rent and then with gas, electric, telephone and food, who has money for underwear?

Many are embarrassed to ask for underwear and thus, simply go without. During drug regimen changes the side effects can be embarrassing and devastating (See Depends note). So the Underwear and Socks Program has taken off and is successful Every client who comes to the Center receives a brochure on the program and an order form to complete. The order form is available to all clients throughout the year and in emergency situations as they arise.

In 2001, Actors Equity, Broadway Cares Fights AIDS came on board, and with annual funding, continues to support the program with specific money for purchase of underwear and socks.

In 2004, the program was a featured cover and article in Las Vegas Night Beat magazine. This helped to raise more awareness in the community for HIV, as well as our New Underwear and Sock program.

In 2006, through the combined efforts of KRAVE, an alternative lifestyle club on the Las Vegas Strip, and "Le Reve," the show at Wynn Las Vegas, a performance was featured raising awareness of the work of the Saint Therese Center and the Underwear and Sock program.

The fact that we are a major force in the southern Nevada area working as best we can in the HIV arena and having support, specifically of Jon Merritt, who has now retired as Liza, and area organizations, clubs and shows that benefit our clients, we are able to give dignity to our HIV community in a gentle, delicate and gracious way.

Depends - Diapers - The Saint Therese Center also provides depends or diapers for all those who need them.

This again is so private, personal and embarrassing that clients will sometimes not ask - but then with accidents from reactions to drugs and side effects, clothing is soiled and ruined. So we quietly and discretely provide the adult diapers and once again shore up the dignity of the person in need.

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